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Sprinting and your performance

04 Apr Sprinting and your performance

If you are attempting to improve your ability to sprint for sport to just have the desire to push your body to the limits. Affinity Allied Health Clinic has developing 5 techniques that can give you the edge over your competitor, whether it’s against your friend/foe or just the need to continually get better.

  1. Technique!
    • The purpose of a good technique is to make your body work efficiency, using as little amount of energy to get from point A to point B.
  2. Power!
    • You need to train how you would like to perform; if you train like an endurance athlete you get endurance like results. Need to make your movement short and sharp, developing power movement which is transferable towards your sport
  3. Balance!
    • The key for every athlete whether it be social/amateur/pro is to be well balance and symmetrical. This allows your body to work effectively and reduce the risk of injury.
  4. Specific!
    • Not every sport is the same, different training methods can give you the optimum advance in beating your opponent. For example an AFL player will train different to a professional golfer. Make your training a refection what you need to achieve on game day.
  5. Head Space!
    • Stress and anxiety can produce physiological response, tightening your muscle and affect your gait. If you can clear your stage (head space) you can achieve exceptional results. Clear your head and focus on your breathing and how your body is feeling, developing a positive rhythm/routine is

Sprinting is not a simple movement pattern; it requires a large amount of control, coordination and concentration to achieve exceptional results.

If you interested in developing your movement patterns for sport and just to reduce the risk of injury, contact the clinic on 03 8692 2626 or email at admin@affinityalliedhealth.com.au

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